Why Sugar Daddy Sites Have Revolutionized Dating

Sugar daddy sites such as Millionaire-Match , are becoming very popular. As a regular use of this site, let me tell you why and let’s see if I can bust some of the myths surrounding sugar daddy dating sites.  I joined Millionaire-Match after my girlfriend told me about her latest boyfriend, who she had met there. I was kinda horrified when she told me she was dating a guy in his 50s (we are both 22) but… as she seemed happy, I kept it to myself and tried to understand why she was dating him.
She’s a very honest girl and yes money was a factor, Rob paid for everything, but, this was only a part of the equation. Pretty girls like me and Ruth often have plenty of choice with dates but that doesn’t mean the guys are quality. As an attractive girl, I have to fight to get guys my age to see me as more than a notch on their bedpost. Rob appreciated Ruth, and he wanted her to be a big part of his life and this is very common among wealthy older men. They appreciate beauty and loyalty, both. There were many other things she had to say that intrigued me, and , after meeting Rob when he took us both out for dinner, I was impressed, he was a very physically handsome man, cultured, smart and self-confident. IT was an eye-opener when compared to “boys” I had dated.
So I joined Millionaire-Match. This, and other sugar daddy dating sites possess an honesty not found anywhere else in online dating. Yes, a young, and attractive woman dates a wealthy older man, and yes it’s an arrangement, but.. what an arrangement! You will not have money worries while dating this way, and really, is sex something to be so prudish over? The myth is that you are a prostitute but you are not, you are a regular escort to a man who will look after you. Love can grow, but hell, if it doesn’t, it’s an ego boost to know what your looks are worth in terms of money, is it not?
Another myth is that sugar daddy websites are solely about looks/sex. Again no, these will only get you initial attention.. a wealthy man will have higher standards, believe me, he will want you to be willing to grow as a person, in terms of becoming cultured and educated. hey, he will pay for all that too, so why not enjoy learning and becoming more rounded, it’s a smart move to cultivate your mind as well as your body, and when you do meet Mr Right he will be smitten on every level. A shallow liaison will never endure as much as one where you connect on many deeper levels.
If nothing else, sugar daddy websites are a great way to provide for yourself through college. But seriously girls, if you can have it all.. love, a great boyfriend or husband and then the added security of money and life experience, is it really so wrong? Money worries are the number one cause of marital breakups.. and without them, you can focus every day on building a great relationship and taking care of yourself, your home and eventually maybe your family.
Dating older men makes sense in so many ways, girls just get over your fears and try it. Everything in life is a transaction so don’t let pride or false modesty prevent you from getting a fair deal 😉